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What you don't know can cost you!

Scanning your roof can find those little leaks that you may not even know you have.  Water can be getting into your roof but not showing up in your buildingScanning your roof every two years is the best way to “see” what’s going on in your roof.  In many cases we can tell if a leak is coming from the roofing system or from an adjacent wall or some other building component.  The photo below shows a leaking roof top skylight (bright white areas in the photo).  The scan showed that the skylight that the leak was not a roof problem but instead a seal had failed in the skylight.  By catching this early it saved the owner money as it was a relatively localized problem.

Scanning your roof allows you to make repairs on your own terms.  You don’t end up paying the premium costs associated with emergencies.  Many of our clients now consider infrared scanning a key part of their annual roof maintenance program. That helps to keep them in control of their roofing maintenance costs

Repair Or Replace? is always the question we are asked by building owners.  By being able to “see” into a roof an owner can make informed decisions taking the guesswork out of these decisions.  If you have had a leak in the past do you know how much of your roof got wet?  This is a key factor when planning and budgeting for future repairs and upgrades.  We refer to this a "Proactive Capital Asset Management".   >>More<<

Leaking Skylight Wet Area In Roof