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                         Building Envelope Management
                                                    (How Times Have Changed)

In this tough economy people are preserving what they already have and extending its service life.   This philosophy has never rung more true than with facility managers, property managers and building owners that have been weathering these poor economic times.

The days of just replacing a roof because your capital asset spread said to are long gone.  Building owners want to add service life, reduce maintenance costs, and maintain a worry free facility.   Unfortunately many are realizing this to late and are having to be reactive to the needs of there buildings.  However with a little forethought the tables can be turned.  An owner can actually save money and wait for better economic times to make large capital investments in their property.  

EHA Design and its staff have been in the industry for more than 40 years and as such has seen the ups and downs of the economy.  We have seen technology come and go.  From this we have learned that there is no substitute for keeping in front of your building envelope needs.  It is the barrier that protects your biggest investment.  This means staying informed about the condition of your facility and planning repairs in a timely manor.  In order to do this properly several things are needed. 

This all starts with a comprehensive assessment of a buildings weather proofing systems.  A snap shot in time giving the building owner a clear picture of what they have.   Many times owners are shocked by what they find.

A Couple Of Misconceptions:

A roof that has a 20 year warranty will more often than not provide you with 20 years of service.  We are finding that many warranty's are for the material only.  These are nothing more than an guarantee that the thing you purchased is as advertised.  It does not cover any kind of leaks, installation or anything else with respect to it being on your building. 

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